Caprese SaladThis easy summer salad of Italian origins is naturally gluten free, the perfect showcase for your garden fresh ingredients, a fantastic addition to any meal and perfect dish to impress at your gatherings. For a quick finger food assemble it on a bamboo skewer (leave the ingredients whole for this).
Cranberry Orange Zucchini MuffinsThese muffins are light, moist and healthy, they're an even simpler version to make than my other zucchini muffin recipe, you don't need to have a lot specialty flours on hand. they're easy to make and easy to alter, try replacing the cranberries with blueberries, raspberries or even chocolate chips, the orange with lemon, make it your own with some experimentation.
Spinach Strawberry SaladThe easiest and most satisfying summer salad you can make, impress your friends or treat yourself to something that's healthy but tastes decadent.
BorschtThis easy, healthy, hearty soup is naturally gluten-free, perfect for warming up on those cold rainy autumn days. Recipe is courtesy of my Baka, for an extra treat she would serve it with some Ukranian garlic sausage.
Hungarian Cucumber Salad (Uborkasaláta)This is one of my Nagypapa's traditional Hungarian recipes, it's very refreshing and pairs great with BBQ or spicy food like goulash. A must make for garlic lovers.
Cinnamon Apple ChipsThese apple chips are an easy healthy snack to make, they may take a few hours, but you don't have to baby sit them. They end up being crunchy and sweet, kind of like a cross between a chip or cracker and a fruit leather.
Quinoa SaladThis Quinoa salad is high in protein and fibre, it makes for a really healthy and refreshing lunch or dinner. It’s easy, inexpensive and naturally wheat-free and gluten-free so has one of my go to-s