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Who is behind Treats Without Wheat?

My Story

My name is Steph and I was born with a wheat allergy. Not so common in the early 80’s, my parents did not figure out was making me sick until about grade 2. The severity of my allergy fluctuated, and some episodes were worse than others. In high school I could tolerate one sandwich a month, as long as I stayed away from bread rest of the time. So I ate a LOT of rice cakes.


In 2005 I had to have radiation to treat Graves’ disease. After the radiation, my allergies became more severe and the smallest intake of wheat made me vomit. It took a week or more to leave my system completely, and I felt broken until it did.


Now, I take no risks and make sure that everything I eat is entirely gluten-free. Options are a lot more plentiful these days, but nothing beats a family-favourite home-cooked meal with fresh ingredients. So I started experimenting, making some of my grandmother’s recipes without the gluten. After much trial and error, I have managed to perfect many of her recipes — making them undetectably gluten-free. Grandma would approve. I hope you enjoy them too.