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Rum Balls

Yields100 ServingsPrep Time15 mins

My uncle Jack made these Rum Balls every Christmas, they’re a family favourite, naturally gluten-free with only 5 ingredients. They’re incredibly easy to make but need to be made 2 days in advance, so keep that in mind in your preparations.

 15 oz Ground Walnuts
 426 gr Icing sugar
 426 gr ground semi-sweet chocolate
 3 egg whites
 5oz rum
 white sugar for rolling

Prepare a small bowl of granulated sugar and a platter lined with candy cups in which to put the finished balls.


Put the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well, add the egg whites and rum, with a dry clean hand (I wear gloves) knead it with one hand with a clasping motion so the mixture squishes between your fingers, the mass will be evenly moist and mucky after about 5 min. scrape everything off your hand and back into the bowl (this is much easier to do with gloves)


Spoon out and form into small balls (I use a tiny cookie scoop) roll in regular sugar and place on platter, do not stack. Cover in cellophane and put in fridge. Refrigerate for 2 days before serving.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 100